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New Design and Update

Dear Readers!

I updated the website software for faster loading, especially for those of you with slower  internet connections. At the same time I cleaned up a bit and changed the site to matriarchal coloring - white, red, black. I have deleted the forum and the commenting feature, it was too time consuming for me to handle contributions with to many imputations and prejudges. I'd rather write more articles to make things clear.

There is a FAQ section, but hardly used. Please feel free to ask questions!

The indication of certain links are marked now as follows:

  • External link to Wikipedia is followed bywikipedia.gifand opens a new window
  • Any other internal or external link that opens a new window is marked with this symbol: link_extern.gif
There is also a button added for donations with PayPal on the right to acknowledge the translator Jutta Ried, who translated several texts from German into English. If you appreciate this work and want to encourage more, show us with a small amount. Thank you!



"Today's Matriarchies From the Newest View"

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