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Matriarchal Point of View

Since most patriarchal socialized women and men are not able to think out of patriarchal norms, they don't get the meaning of the term 'matriarchy'.

Most people believe mistakenly, that matriarchy is a simple reversal of patriarchy: What men do now would be taken over by women. Just an exchange of roles.

I will throw light on this fundamental fallacy with a plain table.

The patriarchal way of thinking is about the "Active Doing", means people are measured on their actions. It is difficult for us to think the matriarchal way, where persons are measured by their "Being" and their form of energy.

For example: Just think "mother" (a certain one or abstractly) and feel the energy of this word.
Now think "father" - what do you feel about this?

Did you notice the different energy of the two words? 
"Mother Energy" and "Father Energy" each contain another quality. Not better, not worse, just different.

And: This is not simply the opposite, like black and white. But nevertheless the patriarchal way of thinking deals dualistic with the terms mother and father, like normal contraries.

We have to try to get away from the linear patriarchal method of thinking to become aware and understand matriarchal energy. This list should help:

Matriarchal Point of View

Patriarchal Point of View

Life proceeds in cycles.

Through a constantly repeating rhythm - day for day, year for year, life for life - you have the opportunity to do, what has to be done, again and again. There are no missed chances. You are focused on the future with it's new possibilities.


The individual is free to act, when 'the time is right.'

Result: New creative decisions arise from  inner freedom.

Life proceeds linear.

In linear progression you'll miss opportunities, because the past doesn't come back. Therefore you don't have a choice: you have to do it now/ today/ this year/ this life - otherwise it's over. You are focused on the past with it's lost possibilities.


The individual is under pressure to neglect something.

Result: Inner and/or external intimidation upon failure makes blame possible and therewith manipulation and control.

No hierarchy at all.

Every person takes responsibility - first for her/himself, second for the others und third for the whole 'living together.'

The only rule is:
You can do everything but not harm anybody or anything.

With that every being is autonomously in charge for oneself.

The proverb "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" comes alive and is not just told to little kids.

Everything is hierarchical.

The responsibility is always on others: superiors. That is so in the family, in your club, at school, in the community, in the company, in your country...

I leave responsibility to the "more powerful" and let go  self-government out of my sight.

The topmost is a god who at last is getting caught in everything. Consequently nobody takes on responsibility.

There is no lawmaking.

Without hierarchy there are neither judges nor other authorities who can establish or execute statutes. That means: nobody is this presumptuous to define what is right or wrong for others.

At misbehavior all community members work together to figure out, what is the source behind and how such trouble could be avoided in the future. Everybody tries to integrate the causer and by doing this kids learn the skills of integration.

They feel responsible for the malfunction all together.

The power of wisdom is the basis for custom and habit. From there comes a enormous strength which establishes order and makes social relationships possible.

No laws are necessary for acting wisely, but rather experience.

General laws for every matter.

A handful of rulers define laws which are functional for themselves (all persons can only have  themselves as criterion).

At misbehavior the causer will experience violence of some kind as is: required money, humiliated, locked up, become killed. 
S/he will be convicted in accordance with the norms of others and then kicked out of the community instead of being reintegrated.

Nobody feels responsible for any misbehavior, no parents for their kids, yes and even not the offender for himself!

In patriarchy wisdom is not a big value. Wisdom is not taught to children, neither by role models nor by explanation. Therefore adults don't know what to do with this term, too.

Or could you tell the last time when you got in touch with true wisdom?

The status of women is equivalent.

Free and self-ruled.

Vaginal blood is seen as neutral or often as sacred.

Choice of partner, spouse or husband, besides the choice of lover(s).

Economical relationship with  husbands.
Emotional relationship with lovers.

Divorce at any time.
The clan takes care of the kids, whatever the mother is doing.

Women have control over reproductivity.
No more kids than the clan can feed.
The physical condition of the mother is decisively.

The status of women is of low rank.

Restricted liberty.

Vaginal blood taboo
(blood from defloration, menstruation and birth)

No free choice of husband; lovers are not allowed.

The mixture of economical and emotional relationship in one makes every decision a compromise.

No divorce of free will.
Nobody cares about the kids, while or after the fights of divorce.

Men have control over  reproductivity.
Overpopulation, hungry and starving people.
The female body is a bearing machine.

"Religion" (cult) is in accordance with "Mother Nature" (earth and mother as a symbol of caring for, avoiding unnatural manner).

Lust is wanted, welcomed and institutionalized.

Spontaneousness, adoration of nature.

No professionals.

sacral and profane is identical.

Female or male shamans.

Easy-going guidance.

Religion is in accordance with the will of the father, (obedience to "God the father" or the "head" of the family, subduing nature).

Avoidance of lust; asceticism.

Hindrance to and fear of nature.

Religious professionals,  "Priests".

Separation of the sacral and profane.

Male shamans.

Severe code of conduct.

Accepting and encouraging sexuality.

No traumatizing of any kind.

Female initiation with first menstruation (menarche): "Becoming a woman".

Masturbation, love between girls and boys and then teenagers is not limited and accepted.

No homosexuality.

No incest.

Limiting and devaluating sexuality.

Genital mutilation (circumcision, infibulation).

Female virgin taboo; a penis penetrating the hymen: "Becoming a woman". (Rape counts, too!)

Love between kids and masturbation is rigidly suppressed.

Love between teenagers is strongly controlled or forbidden.

Homosexual tendencies: either open and ambitious or rigorously taboo.

Incest tendencies with rigid taboo.

Absence of concubinage, prostitution or pornography.

Supported unboundedly and accepted sex life from childhood to youth to adulthood to age. Freely flowing lustful energies lead to a healthy body and spirit.

Absence of enforced monogamy.

Polygamy is unusual.

Social structure: nonviolent.

Concubinage, prostitution and pornography belong to everyday life.

Prudish, suppressive, limiting sexuality, appearance of sick behaviors, trimming the genitals (circumcision and infibulation), lead to traumas and their aftereffects: suffering people, who need to compensate.

Lifelong enforced monogamy.

Polygamy is common.

Social structure: violent/ sadistic.

The difference will be appreciated.

Individuals, who differ from others in their personal attributes or characteristics are comprehended as inspiring and impulse giving, or attract at least interest.

Their company is welcomed.

Diversity is regarded as enrichment.

Newborns are expected to bring "gifts" to the society. 

The personality of babies and children will be studied, in order that the community is able to help them develop their special abilities and talents for the advantage of everybody.

From the first moment on each person gets what s/he needs to succeed her/his personal tasks in this life.

The difference will be turned down.

Individuals, who differ from "the norm" are treated poorly as "unsuitably", they are humiliated, insulted, ridiculed, tortured, outcast, discriminated, excluded:  Redheads, homosexuals, such of different faith or race, dissidents, disabled, foreigners, "lunatics" of every kind.

They are treated badly.

Children - siblings or students - are not supported according to their personality and individual needs, but treated primarily identically.

Egalitarian adjustment is called "fair".

Parents don't know their children. They only know facts about them.

Science tries to understand nature to get adjusted to.

Women have control over fertility.

Science tries to understand nature to get control over.

Men have control over fertility.

Nature/the universe is viewed as a gift.

That is worshipped in every days cultural life - in spiritual spheres as in artistic.

All creatures are included and  getting benefit of it.

Nature/the Universe is viewed as consumer good.

Those who have money grab.

The life itself and the natural circulations are disregarded.

All creatures are included and  getting deficit of it.

People are committed to life.

The symbol they pray to is a vivid pregnant woman.

New life is blessed.

People are committed to death.

The symbol they pray to is a tortured dead body on a cross.

Swords and soldiers are blessed.

The principle element is sharing.

Distribute, spread out, draw in, take part, involve, partition, give and take.

The principle element  is fighting

for power, against the evil, for money, against cancer, for acknowledgement, to survive, against the enemy, for a husband, for a divorce and getting the kids, for an intact facade...






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