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Breastfeeding: Being Loved and Being Touched

Today I found in the paper an example of how patriarchy makes people suppressing their sexual feelings, especially children. Read how kids become traumatized by the White Christian American society, not understandable even for Europeans, who also live in a patriarchal system:

Court: Stop breast- feeding

URBANA, Ill. - Prosecutors are again trying to force a woman to stop breast-feeding her 8-year-old son, a practice that once temporarily landed the boy in foster care. During a brief hearing, Judge Ann Einhorn warned Lynn Stuckey, 34, against continuing the practice and set future court dates to consider the prosecutor's petition claiming neglect Stuckey lets her son nurse once every 10 days of so, a practice she calls natural, child-led weaning, though she's unsure whether she still produces milk.*

How old could this child be? Three, four, or older?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) : Charity with four children - Rome, 1627-28 (terracotta, height 39 cm)

Being Loved and Being Touched.

"I flew over from Honolulu to dance for you because I heard you were having a luau at your house and I wanted to be with my family."

Reki Chandler, Young Hawaiian Entertainer

I have known Reki Chandler for a long time. His family and I are ohana [family], and to the kids I am Auntie Anne. Reki used to ride his horse on the beach and stop to talk to me every day. We talked about life, horses, education-whatever-and I was his auntie. Whenever I see any member of the family, I am always smothered with hugs and kisses. Whenever we are together, someone is always touching me and giving me love. Why are so many people afraid of loving and touching?

Loving and touching are good medicine for the soul.**



"Some of our children become strangers to their own people. But much worse, they are strangers to themselves."

Yup'Ik Mother, Alaska



* Orlando Sentinel, August, 22 2002
**Anne Wilson Schaef, Native Wisdom for White Minds




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