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The Emergence of Patriarchy

The 'Battle of the Sexes' is new. Men and women are peaceful naturally, if they experience peace in their childhood. In patriarchy the knowledge about extensive peace became lost...

How and why did this happen?
Some brief facts:
  • From the beginning of the human race, circa 200.000 BC, there arose only matriarchal [1] societies. They reflect the initial and most natural behavior of women, men, old and young.
  • They started in Africa and spread over the whole planet. And on their way they left behind wonderful art and symbolic language - in caves, on objects - that tell us their story.  Some of them continued with their lifestyle until today - using the same patterns and symbols on their pottery, clothes and so on.[2]
  • The Neolithic people refined their cultures from 10.000 BC in North and South America (east coasts), in Near East, East Asia and Middle East. In these places the later Advanced Cultures independently evolved.[3]
  • Matriarchies lasted until all the time to about 2500 BC when conquerors moved West, East and South East from Inner Asia. [4]

  • Those conquering hordes, called Indo-Europeans, had to leave their fertile land that became dry prairies. [5]The climate changed during centuries and when the Indo-Europeans wandered and came to good soil they had to reestablish their daily life and social structures. After some decades of increasing dryness and lack of rain they had to move again and again. This happened for generations and in cases of privation, humans tend to return to a previous state of civilization. The females and children lived together and the males built their own groups, who moved forward to find water and food. [6]
  • At last, those already patriarchal organized men-groups (maybe some with women) bumped into to wealthy matriarchal cultures. (Their own skills of civilization were long lost in the fight of pure survival.)
  • Matriarchal societies consist of peaceful people. That means: they have no violence at all, no crime, no war and no weapons to defend, nor walls to protect their cities. 
  • pegasus_fight_amazon.jpg
    Greek vase painting of Bellerophon astride Pegasus fighting the Amazons. The image symbolically depicts the triumph of patriarchy over the ancient matriarchy.
    Some matriarchal cities or tribes could probably integrate the aliens, others became simply subdued. But nobody could withstand the dominating, scrupulous people who came waveafter wave.[7]
  • From now on it went downhill.
  • There are still many living peoples with matriarchal structures on all continents, except in Europe.[8]





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