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The Term Matriarchy
Description of Matriarchy
The Mosuo as a living matriarchal society

The Mosuo are a non-Chinese ethnic minority living within the boundaries of China. They are considered by Chinese anthropologists to be matriarchal, because they are still living in accordance with the patterns of matrilinearity and matrilocality.

Article en français: Les Mosuo une société matriarcale vivante 


Excerpt of the french article:

It occupies the entire valley and is surrounded by high mountains, one of which is called Gun mu, "Mother Mountain", the protective Goddess of the Mosuo. All persons within each clan-house have the clan name of the eldest woman, the clan mother.

The names, as well as the common ownership of the house and the land, are exclusively inherited through the female line. At about thirteen years of age, after the ceremony of initiation, girls are considered to be full members of the clan and are given the key to their own rooms.


Where girls can do anything - About the matriarchal Mosuo of China, Background Facts, Interviews and a 20 Min. Video to watch.




"Today's Matriarchies From the Newest View"

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