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Lugu Lake Institute of Matriarchal Culture of Mosuo People


Ahai Lujin, the president of the Lugu Lake Institute of Matriarchal Culture of Mosuo People, is a sociology researcher, who has found, through many years of investigation, that the Lugu Lake and its relics have been widely well-known to the people after the scholars' and medids preaching. But few people have made studies of the essence of the Mosuo people's matriarchal family and Axia visiting marriage.

It is hard to explain exactly the two - thousand - year history and the future of Mosuo people. As time goes on, the matriarchal culture of Mosuo people is in the state of being swallowed because of being depressed, eroded and dispelled by the development of modem culture.

If this kind of culture disappears we will have eternal regret just as "yellow crane has gone and will never return, there remains the empty Tower of Yellow Crone." As the society is progressing and economy developing rapidly, how we can protect and keep the matriarchal culture should be a key problem to be discussed while developing tourism around the Lugu Lake.

In order to give wider angle of view and academic exchange opportunity for the studies of marital family trends and sexual relation in the future he invited some scholars to make programs and set up the institute in March 1994.

Then it set out to make studies of Mosuo people's sexual culture, visiting marriage, and the mystery of their harmonious sexual life.


To study, develop, protect and advocate Mosuo matriarchal culture and promote sexual equality.


President of the institute, two vice presidents, an english translator and a computer operator who are in charge of the office, two departments, academic research department and international liaison department and five invited part-time advisers and staffs.


It is a sole ethnic voluntan association in China which is mainly made up of Yi and Mosuo eople. It focus on the studies of fence anthropology, sociology, sexual sociology and ethnology and makes studies of Mosuo culture and boundary-science.

Working items and contents

1. Academic study, making field survey, study, exploration; propagating Mosuo culture by compiling and exhibiting Mosuo culture materials; making academic exchange at home and abroad.

2. Contacting scholars at home and abroad for studies, academic exchange and cooperation.


1. In studies it has published more than ten papers and speeches in domestic and international magazines and at important conference. It has mustmcted and helped to publish more than 100 papers.

2. It has held 3 international symposiums which have never happened in China before and it is the beginning for the Chinese people to make studies about sexology. It has been recorded as break through in sexual research and a pioneering action in culture field in china. The First China International Symposium on Female Anthropology and Matriarchal Culture around the [agu lake is held in Li jiang and Lugu Lake, which is sure to be a significant event that means the study of Mosuo culture has involved in the academic exchange activities in international range.

3. It has compiled and published the Collections of Papers of the First International Symposium on Sexology and the Fifth International Conference on the History of STCN.

4. It has been invited to attend international academic conferences held :in ten countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France and so on. It is the first Chinese academic organization to be invited to visit world famous American Sexual Institute, Kinsey.

Work in the future

1. It will open the door wider for cooperation and the study of western minority and Mosuo matriarchal culture because there are all kinds of colorful minority culture and customs.

2. It is compiling a book "Sexual Culture in Women- Dominating Kingdom, Fatherless and Nonhusband Society"

3. It is assisting Lijiang Westem Promoting Association to apply to United Nation for World Culture Legacy of Lugu Lake.

4.Approve by the Culture Rureau of China No.113(98) it is going to make it film Sexual Heritage in Ancient China and photos which will be exhibited across the country.

5.In order to make further study of Mosuo matriarchal culture in Lugu Lake and make it a model for nice family and sexual equality it is to prepare to raise money as funds of Mosuo Matriarchal culture. It hopes all the persons and organizations concerned at home and abroad to give aid and suggestions to our institute.

Website: Lugu Lake Institute of Matriarchal Culture of Mosuo People




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"Like other elements of the evolutionist view of culture, the notion of matriarchy as a universal stage of development is now generally discredited, and the modern consensus is that a strictly matriarchal society has never existed." (source Britannica) How come?

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