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Are there communities based on matriarchal structure?
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I have dreamed of a community that is based on a matriarchal structure, and I know others who have expressed the desire to live in such a community. Does such a place exist, or is one currently being planned?

Since I am familiar with lots of different projects in Germany and Austria, I know little about other countries. If somebody has information, let me know, I will add it here.

The main 'keywords' for the search engines are "Cohousing" and "Intentional communities" (read about it on Wikipedia)

Besides the mixed gender communities there is a rapidly growing number of "women's cohousing projects" in German countries, for women and their children only. I coudn't find something like that in English, even not an expression. Send info if you have; meanwhile I keep searching.

I started a section "Alternatives" under Weblinks and added Cohousing links. 




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Users asked:
When do you call a society matriarchal?

A kin is matriarchal under two main conditions:

- The children live with their mother's clan; husbands live with their wife's clan, as long as they are married. If the marriage ends, the husband moves back to his motherclan (matrilocal).
- Inheritage and line of descent is female (matrilineal).

matrilocal + matrilineal = matriarchal

But there are other criteria, like decision finding by consensus, please read full

description of matriarchy


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