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Are there communities based on matriarchal structure?
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I have dreamed of a community that is based on a matriarchal structure, and I know others who have expressed the desire to live in such a community. Does such a place exist, or is one currently being planned?

Since I am familiar with lots of different projects in Germany and Austria, I know little about other countries. If somebody has information, let me know, I will add it here.

The main 'keywords' for the search engines are "Cohousing" and "Intentional communities" (read about it on Wikipedia)

Besides the mixed gender communities there is a rapidly growing number of "women's cohousing projects" in German countries, for women and their children only. I coudn't find something like that in English, even not an expression. Send info if you have; meanwhile I keep searching.

I started a section "Alternatives" under Weblinks and added Cohousing links. 




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Users asked:
I like the best definition of matriarchy as "nonviolent society". Is that precisely enough?
It is precise - think about it. If there is no violence at all, no physical violence, no violence in language, no violence to children (includes the violent education to obedience), no emotional violence by keeping back attention or tenderness, no violence to animals, humans or nature, no violence to oneself, like eating like crazy, abuse of drugs, alcohol ... and and and, you name it. Then there is matriarchal health. Precisely.

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