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by Hannelore Vonier

July 2006

Dear readers and friends,

yes, its a while that you have heard from me, but I have lots of information about Juchitán, the city of women in Mexico.

Tom DeMott is a travel writer whose book "Into the Hearts of the Amazons" was published recently. Read his article on and visit Tom DeMott's Website and don't miss his interview with Zapotec shaman Marcelina Marciel! has informed about the building of a Wal Mart store near Juchitán and published an open letter (in Spanish) by Dr. Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen, coordinator of the book "Juchitán, the City of Women", in which she describes in detail what will happen to the citizens in the area, especially the female merchants, if Wal Mart succeeds to open a store in the city of Juchitán.

Meanwhile she was there and wrote a report about the situation:

Estudios del Matriarcado (Juchitán and Matriarchal Studies) in Spanish.

For the non-Spanish speakers I have added a machine translation of the article in English. I admit, machine-English is funny, but otherwise there would not be a translation at all. Let me know if this is understandable and acceptable for you.

Veronika also has sent me an interview with a German magazine (taz), which I threw into the translation engine, too: Juchitŕn: A Completely Special Society. You will find interesting thoughts in her answers!

'til next time,

Hannelore Vonier


Good news from Maureen Gosling, filmmaker of "Blossoms on Fire" about Juchitán's women. She wrote:

Our distributor, is releasing BLOSSOMS on DVD, with a new cover, chapters, a brand new featurette called SKETCHES OF JUCHITAN 1992, two photo galleries and an insert article by yours truly.

It may be the most colorful DVD you've ever seen!! I'll be selling it on my web site, for $29.95 plus $5 shipping for Home Use!

Hurry to Maureen's Website!

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